GPS Equipment Tracker to Protect Your Company’s Assets

The success of a company thrives on its resources as GPS Equipment Tracker helps in keeping them safe from getting misplaced. Several firms have lot of movable equipment which travel long distances daily. The entire workday performance depends on the transport and timely shipment of equipment. The biggest problems faced by companies are equipment theft and loss of a valuable system part. Some valuable ones are stolen from work sites while others are lost due to employee negligence. The purpose of a tracking system is to keep a check on each of the equipments. Now you can identify all your assets on the move. It can even help you create a proper inventory and recover the missing ones.

The continuous loss of equipments often leads to increased project costs and lesser profit margins. Replacing them on such a short notice is also s problem. A proper tracker can help you minimize all such risks and make your company move in a positive direction. You can save up on equipment budget so your profit rates keep growing. Each device is extremely small and can be attached to the equipment easily without anyone’s knowledge. It can then provide data from location to speed and stops along the way. All such data is updated to the cell phone or a web based server via a satellite network. The possibilities of GPS Equipment Tracking are limitless, helping you to always stay in control of your company resources.

You can track your equipment by setting the tracker in one of the two upload modes based on network. If you have low network coverage, the GPS Equipment Tracking system can switch to passive mode where it would store periodical updates until a location. The device has to be manually taken out of the equipment and plugged into the computer to upload data. The active mode keeps sending data automatically over the network. You can identify real time location and speed details. This would help you check if your equipment undergoes a change in route or movement course. If you find anything wrong, you can immediately alert the authorities while monitoring the situation. This would minimize any forms of equipment damage or loss.

It is essential to have a proper tracking mechanism to allow you to supervise daily operations. You can have one central database and individual databases for each equipment. The software is extremely easy to install and use. The device does not need much maintenance as well. Once you spot something wrong in a particular device, you can track it in your database. This would help you immensely while preparing productivity charts or company project reports. The tracker can also help you keep notice of suspicious employee behavior. If you notice any employee neglecting the equipment or trying dishonest intentions, you can take strict action. You are even allowed to set pre defined location boundaries. The moment your equipment crosses that boundary, you would be notified by SMS immediately. If you want to cut all costs and make sure that company profits soar, GPS Equipment Tracker can take away a lot of your worries.

GPS Auto Tracker, Keeping Track of Your Vehicles

A GPS auto tracker system is an electronic device installed within or on a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location, speed, direction and disposition. GPS auto tracker systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules located within the electronic device for accurate location of the vehicle. Many systems also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicles location. speed and direction to a remote user. The Gps auto tracker information is then viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or on your computer.

The shipping industry is the largest user of GPS auto tracker systems. Many large shipping companies with large fleets of vehicles needed a vehicle tracking gps system to determine the location of each vehicle was at any given time. GPS auto tracker systems are becoming more common and can be found in consumers vehicles as driver surveilance and performance units as well as vehicle theft and retrieval devices. Police can follow the signal emitted by the tracking system to locate a stolen vehicle. In addition parents can determine if their sons or daughters are driving in a responsible manner. In addition there is also a new line of GPS Auto Tracker systems that are used to keep track of a childs where abouts even if they are out of the vehicle.

GPS auto tracker systems are now using a type of automatic vehicle location (AVL) to allow for easy location of the vehicle. The GPS satellite system was built and is maintained by government and is available at no cost to civilians. This makes vehicle tracking gps technology very inexpensive. Other older AVL systems do not require the antenna to be in direct line of sight with the sky. Older ground based systems such as LORAN and LoJack tracking units use radio frequency (RF) transmitters which will transmit through walls, garages, or buildings. Police vehicles around the world have a form of AVL tracking as standard equipment in their units.

Standard GPS auto tracker systems charge the user a monthly fee for a package that includes the hardware, installation and download or mapping as part of the tracking service. Passive GPS auto tracker units are paid for upon installation and will continue to work for the life of the vehicle. Active GPS auto tracker systems as well as the ground based cell phone and Loran systems provide real time data. A commercial fleet manager may want 5 minute updates, telling whether a vehicle is on route or off, engine status, brake status, container status as well as vehicle speed and direction. Newer smaller and more efficient GPS auto tracker units are becoming available to the consumer market. It will be just a matter of time before every vehicle on the road will have the hardware necessary for GPS Auto Tracker Systems.

Protect Your Construction Equipment With GPS Auto Tracker Technology

The theft of construction equipment is big business for criminals that have access to international shipping. In the past year law enforcement officials have found large dump trucks completely buried in South Florida by thieves who were waiting for their ship to make a port of call at Miami. In one case a check of serial numbers found that all the equipment being used by a construction company was in fact stolen. Whenever the company needed a piece of equipment they would just drive up to a nearby construction site and load it up and truck it away.

The cost of insuring construction equipment has steadily risen as a result of equipment losses. Some companies are fighting back through the use of GPS auto tracker technology. GPS tracking devices are becoming smaller and smaller allowing them to be hidden. Unlike the Lojack system that uses short range radio signals to help police locate stolen equipment, GPS tracking devices can be located in just about any location with a clear view of the sky and many cases inside building.

If you have equipment at multiple worksites and need to manage your equipment resources then GPS auto tracking technology will help you. New GPS tracking units will not only give the location of each piece of equipment but also tell you when it is being used and for how long. You can also monitor the status major mechanical systems as well. A simple check of your data base will tell you how many hours you have on each unit thereby assuring that proper maintenance is scheduled and completed. All of which will protect your valuable investment.

Real time GPS tracking is accomplished through the use of a GPS tracking device that is attached to your equipment in a hidden location. Information from this device is then uploaded to a GPS tracking service provider either by cell phone or satellite phone systems. The service company then provides your company with the tracking information that is displayed on your company computers.

In the advent that you lose track of a piece to equipment you can immediately located it. In addition you can apply geo fencing features that will send an alarm to you and law enforcement when your equipment leaves its assigned area. You can quickly stop the loss of your equipment and also the loss of income due to equipment downtime due to the loss. Finding a replacement for a key piece of equipment will take time and time is something that you cannot replace.

Protect your valuable equipment resources through the use of GPS auto tracker technology. You may find that your insurance company will be able to give you significant discounts when you use GPS tracking technology to protect your valuable equipment. You will not only save money but also peace of mind knowing your have control of your construction equipment 24 hours a day.