Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker – Giving Peace of Mind the High-Tech Way

In the world where technological advancements come as natural as grass growing on patches of soil, is there really a need for a covert GPS vehicle tracker from ordinary people? While it can be argued that a seemingly high-tech device may be too much to be a necessity, there are studies that can make anyone think twice about the matter. For example, statistics show that in January of 2011 alone, about six hundred vehicles were stolen as reported by the Houston Police Department.

What anyone would have to realize is that things occur almost in a blink of an eye and that we now live in a fast paced style where everything seems to be moving quickly. Because of this – and technology being on our side – man developed means to keep up with the change.

Vehicles have become part of our lives that everyone considers investing on one. However, automobiles do not come cheap and people, more often than not, invest their hard earned money to acquire their own cars out of necessity. Hence, at the back of its value, it is only proper to make actions to protect investments as worthy as cars.

Is A Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker Something Worthy to Spend On?

The importance of cars and the imperative role they play in the way we live our lives cannot be stressed enough. This is evident in the continuously rising number of car sales not only in the United States but all over the world as well. Sad to say however, such importance and the need for automobiles can also be seen in the likewise swelling number of cars being stolen the world over. In fact, a few years back, car stealing was almost considered to be a very common crime and that it is no longer surprising.

Fortunately, man’s capability to adapt with change gave birth to covert GPS vehicle tracker – a device that will help protect automobiles against people who have intentions of stealing them from their owners.

Owning this device is literally like having your own personal security guard that protects your vehicle all the time. Unlike human guards, a GPS vehicle tracker doesn’t know how to get tired and will always be up on its toes to safeguard your investment. So, is it worth it? Well, if you are looking to have your car around for a very long time, it is definitely something worth considering.

How a Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker Works – Looking Under the Hood

In a nutshell, a covert GPS vehicle tracker is a computerized device installed in your vehicle that allows you to know exactly of its whereabouts. In a sad event that your car is stolen, all you have to do is report it and the company will track your vehicle using a very sophisticated system. The device also features a car lock jamming capability that will make the odds of the culprit being captured very likely. This can be considered as an effective crime fighting device in its own right.

Imagine if you are a parent who looks after teenagers who tend to wander about without your knowledge; having your car installed with a vehicle tracker makes it easier for you to monitor (not stalk) your kids and make sure that you are always on top of their whereabouts.

Another cool feature that a vehicle tracker packs is its ability to help you out when you are on the road and encountered trouble. Using only your smart phone you can utilize the emergency alert feature and have the peace of mind that help will be on its way in no time at all.

In terms of benefits, owning a vehicle tracker has many upsides. For one, if you own a high-end and quite an expensive car, you can sleep better at night knowing that your investment is well protected. Maintenance is also very simple. The device runs on eight standard C batteries that are rechargeable to ensure having enough juice for the device to work continuously. The tracker is commonly installed by the manufacturer in a place concealed and hidden somewhere in the vehicle.

However, in every story, there’s the other side of the coin. In the case of a vehicle tracker, it comes with quite a high tab. Hence owning one is an investment in itself. At the moment, there are a lot of these vehicle tracking devices installed in many cars in the United States. Although majority of its users are law enforcement departments, there are quite a handful of people who also use this for personal use; and it is certain that the numbers of personal users will increase in the coming years.

Tips on Purchasing a Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker

Purchasing a vehicle tracker, despite of the fact that it can be quite expensive is rather simple. Like any high-ticket items that you are planning to purchase, make sure to know as much fact about the product, the manufacturer and how it works. Take advantage of the internet and gather as much information as you can and look at product reviews as well. In the end, an informed choice is the best decision you’ll make.

Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker – The Evolution

From the early stages of GPS development, people have perceived it as merely a helpful tool to make thing easier to go around places. Thankfully, there are minds that laboriously developed this state-of-the-art technology and put it into a more useful function. Five years ago, the technology of GPS is very far from where it stands right now, so who can say where it can take us in coming couple of years? What’s important is that technology is always working in the favor of making the lives of man better, more efficient and more importantly safer.

While there are elements of society that are inevitably on the move to plot evil schemes against honest people, there will always be advancements that will surely rise to counter each scheme like what a covert GPS vehicle tracker does today.

Your Vehicle’s Whereabouts With Inventive GPS Vehicle Tracker

Necessity is the mother of invention is a well-known saying. Today, we can say “Innovation is the backbone of technology.” Vehicle fleet management software is an excellent example of innovation in GPS technology. Nowadays a GPS vehicle tracker uses this software in order to provide numerous facilities. In this article, we will go through details of this excellent device.

How do you feel when you get a small, plug-and-play device for tracking, protecting and examining your vehicle? With innovative new vehicle fleet management software, it is possible for us. That’s not all! New GPS vehicle tracker is equipped to provide the necessary information for safe driving with reduced fuel costs.

How does it work?

This vehicle tracker works on the GPS technology. As we know, GPS (Global Positioning System) gets signals from geosynchronous satellites, which allow it to cover the entire territory of the earth.


The vehicle tracker is a featured device to provide you with numerous facilities. Some of the unique features include:

  • It can work together with both GSM and GPS signal. It switches to GSM mode if GPS signals are not available. The device is also having a function of two-way calling.
  • It can manage your vehicle through previous data as well. It can store and utilize data.
  • It has a unique OBD (On-Board Diagnosis) facility. This facility has many in-built features like- temperature control, fuel control, speed control, engine light diagnosis, etc. This facility provides you various alarms with real-time monitoring like speeding alarm to ensure safe driving, rapid acceleration and deceleration alarm to maintain your car, etc. Further, in order to save fuel, OBD has a fuel calculator as well!
  • For ensuring total protection, the vehicle tracker is equipped with theft and tamper alarms. Tamper alarm instantaneously sends you an SMS when someone tries to tamper your car or remove this device.
  • The vehicle tracker works on the concept of geo-fencing. It sends you an SMS instantly as you cross the predefined boundary thanks to the concept of geo-fencing.
  • With all these features, the vehicle tracker could have one more wonderful feature- SOS Emergency button. In an emergency, you just push and hold this button for a while, and it attempts to call three registered phone numbers one by one for two-way conversation. In any crisis, this button appears to help you as a savior!

Thus, it seems that this vehicle tracker skillfully takes all responsibilities of our vehicles, making us free from all worries related to vehicles.

GPS Cell Phone Tracker for Tracking Apps

When you think of GPS, what usually comes to mind? Most likely, you think about getting directions to your destination, finding the shortest routes, avoiding closed roads and escaping gridlock traffic. GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based system that provides location and time information globally.

However, GPS can be used for much more. A cell phone tracker can be used to track various phone apps to always stay on top of the latest happenings of the most important people in your life and even those that aren’t so important. The tracker not only lets you keep track of family and friends, but you can know exactly where they are, when they get there and you can do it all in real-time, so there’s no delay.

With applications such as People Finder, Loopt and Find My Friends becoming increasingly popular, people are essentially obsessed with what others are doing, where they’re doing it at and when they’re doing it. GPS essentially determines their location and help you stay in the loop by keeping you current of their coming and going. On the reverse side, you can also keep others aware of where you are and what you’re up to with a cell phone tracker.

GPS cell phone trackers can not only be used to keep tabs on your loved ones, but can also be a great safety measure. A concerned parent wants to know where the kids are, what they’re up to and who they’re with; they need to make sure they’re where they say are and aren’t getting into any trouble. If a loved one is on a trip, you want to know that they are safe. A cell phone tracker is the perfect solution for all these scenarios.

Have a roving eyed partner? You might want to keep an eye on him or her. Have an employee who says they couldn’t come in because they’re sick, but you have a sneaking suspicion they’re at the baseball game? Yes, a mobile tracking will be quite useful for those situations as well. The tracking apps are great for finding information you normally wouldn’t be able to access and gather on your own. Let your phone do the work for you.

A mobile tracking is a great means of keeping track of loved ones and to always know what’s going on with them. It can be a matter of safety and even spying on people. The possibilities are endless.