GPS Equipment Tracker to Protect Your Company’s Assets

The success of a company thrives on its resources as GPS Equipment Tracker helps in keeping them safe from getting misplaced. Several firms have lot of movable equipment which travel long distances daily. The entire workday performance depends on the transport and timely shipment of equipment. The biggest problems faced by companies are equipment theft and loss of a valuable system part. Some valuable ones are stolen from work sites while others are lost due to employee negligence. The purpose of a tracking system is to keep a check on each of the equipments. Now you can identify all your assets on the move. It can even help you create a proper inventory and recover the missing ones.

The continuous loss of equipments often leads to increased project costs and lesser profit margins. Replacing them on such a short notice is also s problem. A proper tracker can help you minimize all such risks and make your company move in a positive direction. You can save up on equipment budget so your profit rates keep growing. Each device is extremely small and can be attached to the equipment easily without anyone’s knowledge. It can then provide data from location to speed and stops along the way. All such data is updated to the cell phone or a web based server via a satellite network. The possibilities of GPS Equipment Tracking are limitless, helping you to always stay in control of your company resources.

You can track your equipment by setting the tracker in one of the two upload modes based on network. If you have low network coverage, the GPS Equipment Tracking system can switch to passive mode where it would store periodical updates until a location. The device has to be manually taken out of the equipment and plugged into the computer to upload data. The active mode keeps sending data automatically over the network. You can identify real time location and speed details. This would help you check if your equipment undergoes a change in route or movement course. If you find anything wrong, you can immediately alert the authorities while monitoring the situation. This would minimize any forms of equipment damage or loss.

It is essential to have a proper tracking mechanism to allow you to supervise daily operations. You can have one central database and individual databases for each equipment. The software is extremely easy to install and use. The device does not need much maintenance as well. Once you spot something wrong in a particular device, you can track it in your database. This would help you immensely while preparing productivity charts or company project reports. The tracker can also help you keep notice of suspicious employee behavior. If you notice any employee neglecting the equipment or trying dishonest intentions, you can take strict action. You are even allowed to set pre defined location boundaries. The moment your equipment crosses that boundary, you would be notified by SMS immediately. If you want to cut all costs and make sure that company profits soar, GPS Equipment Tracker can take away a lot of your worries.

Using GPS Auto Tracker Technology

If you are a fleet manager for a corporation or a small business that that has delivery or service vehicles on the road each day then GPS Auto tracker technology applied correctly will save you money every day. Ever wonder why one vehicle has almost twice the miles and maintenance costs of the average vehicle in your fleet? How about a particular delivery route whose driver takes longer and has more employee overtime than then it probably should. In each case these situations are costing you money in terms of fuel efficiency, overtime and maintenance costs. So how can I better manage my transportation costs?

The answer to your questions may come from using GPS auto tracker technology. Basically there are two types of GPS tracking technology on the market today. One is commonly known as passive or logger and it has been around the longest. Passive tracking units are placed in or on a vehicle and as the vehicle travels on its route the information is logged on the unit. It basically works just like the GPS navigation systems that are so popular with the public these days. However unlike your cars navigation system GPS tracking units, Logger GPS devices record the information on to a data base. To access the information the unit must be retrieved from the vehicle and downloaded to a computer for viewing. Logging units are relatively inexpensive and are available in very small sizes that are easy to hide. They do a very good job of telling you exactly where your vehicles have been, their speed and stopped time. The problems is that the information is not in real time and you have to assign someone to collect the units and download the data then return the units to their assigned vehicles. On the positive side you have total control and access to your tracking information.

Real time GPS tracker technology is a great alternative to logging systems. Just as the name implies the information provided is relative” live” and can be view as the vehicles travel on their routes. If you are a fleet manager this has far reaching advantages. Real time GPS units use existing cell phone technology to upload the data from the vehicles tracking device to a GPS auto tracking service provider. The provider then sends the current information to your office to be viewed on a computer. Depending on the plan you have subscribed to uploaded data is updated at different time intervals. Basically the more frequent the information the more costly the service. Businesses with delivery services that also do pickups frequently ask for tracking information to be updated every 5 minutes while fleet managers that manage cross country transport only need tracking information every 30 minutes.

As a business owner or fleet manager you can quickly see the advantages to the system. Remember the vehicle that had high costs and maintenance, well the driver was using the truck for his own after hours business. The route driver that was taking so much time to complete his route and was accumulating lots of over time was spending his afternoons parked at his house. These types of problems although rare can cost business lots of money over a year. Additional advantages come in the form of dispatch efficiency. The dispatcher has a map on his or her laptop with the location of every company vehicle. If a pickup of a part or customer return pickup needs to be made, a quick look at the map will tell you what vehicle can best make the stop. It will not take long for the data to tell you how to better set up your daily delivery routes so as to save fuel and time.

On the down side the service provider has control of your fleet information including where your customers are located. A good GPS tracking service company will do a very good job of safe guarding your information but just like anything else kept in computer data bases there is a real risk to your business. It is very important to carefully select your service company and get to know them in detail. In addition if your service provider does not provide tracking devices you will find that real time GPS auto tracker devices cost more than the older logger units.

GPS auto tracker technology is a great tool for business transportation managers. Over time you will save fuel, maintenance and employee costs that will more than pay for the cost of the GPS auto tracking devices and service fees as well increase your company’s bottom line.

Mobile Phone Tracker – How To Find The Right Solution

A mobile phone tracker is really a system employed to track down any ones location whenever you want and the majority of the phone tracker use GPS satellite that can take benefit of a repeater triangulation process integrating a gps system and GSM technological know-how. Of course these cell phone trackers have already been the topic of very much debate currently as numerous people today think it is a breach of anyone’s personal privacy. Today you can do just about anything at all with the technology.

Though there are no cost solutions to keep track of a phone, the standard of the data that you receive using this strategy is really inadequate. Keeping track of people, and a lot of other items in the world is simpler now employing a gps system. Monitoring telephone numbers, text messages or location of a phone, is data required by any person that is getting undesired message or calls, parents concerned with exactly where their youngsters are, businesses that are looking to keep track to the whereabouts of their personnel and not to mention those that need to have closure on whether or not their spouse or partner is faithful.

Mobile phone tracker software can offer overall peacefulness for you personally if you happen to be in any one of the situations mentioned before hand. A mobile phone tracker will document the gps co-ordinates of your objectives mobile phone and post this information into your online account. Otherwise you can keep track of it instantly from all over the world. The location of the targeted phone and any data being sent or received from that phone is available to you whenever or where ever you want.

GPS technology is incredibly precise these times due to the fact the gps system receivers work out position by accurately timing the impulses given by gps satellites. Geostationary satellites are orbiting in a way that from any position around the world there are actually at the very least 4 satellites visible all of the time.

Most mobile phone tracker software will have to upload the records to the hosting server you will log into. New phone tracker software switches Black Berry phones into spy systems having an extraordinary assortment of capabilities. Lately numerous software package providers have introduced ‘Spyware’ for cell phones. Using mobile phone tracker computer software is booming! There has always been a need to keep track of mobile phone locations and the very simple solution provided by certain software programs today are really affordable.