Protect Your Construction Equipment With GPS Auto Tracker Technology

The theft of construction equipment is big business for criminals that have access to international shipping. In the past year law enforcement officials have found large dump trucks completely buried in South Florida by thieves who were waiting for their ship to make a port of call at Miami. In one case a check of serial numbers found that all the equipment being used by a construction company was in fact stolen. Whenever the company needed a piece of equipment they would just drive up to a nearby construction site and load it up and truck it away.

The cost of insuring construction equipment has steadily risen as a result of equipment losses. Some companies are fighting back through the use of GPS auto tracker technology. GPS tracking devices are becoming smaller and smaller allowing them to be hidden. Unlike the Lojack system that uses short range radio signals to help police locate stolen equipment, GPS tracking devices can be located in just about any location with a clear view of the sky and many cases inside building.

If you have equipment at multiple worksites and need to manage your equipment resources then GPS auto tracking technology will help you. New GPS tracking units will not only give the location of each piece of equipment but also tell you when it is being used and for how long. You can also monitor the status major mechanical systems as well. A simple check of your data base will tell you how many hours you have on each unit thereby assuring that proper maintenance is scheduled and completed. All of which will protect your valuable investment.

Real time GPS tracking is accomplished through the use of a GPS tracking device that is attached to your equipment in a hidden location. Information from this device is then uploaded to a GPS tracking service provider either by cell phone or satellite phone systems. The service company then provides your company with the tracking information that is displayed on your company computers.

In the advent that you lose track of a piece to equipment you can immediately located it. In addition you can apply geo fencing features that will send an alarm to you and law enforcement when your equipment leaves its assigned area. You can quickly stop the loss of your equipment and also the loss of income due to equipment downtime due to the loss. Finding a replacement for a key piece of equipment will take time and time is something that you cannot replace.

Protect your valuable equipment resources through the use of GPS auto tracker technology. You may find that your insurance company will be able to give you significant discounts when you use GPS tracking technology to protect your valuable equipment. You will not only save money but also peace of mind knowing your have control of your construction equipment 24 hours a day.

What Are GPS Dog Trackers?

GPS Dog Trackers or dog tracking collars are devices that may be used in order to track the whereabouts of your dog or dogs. GPS dog tracking devices, much like the GPS devices in your vehicles, utilize assisted global positioning satellite technology to track your dog. Although a tracking device is most often used by hunters in order to track their hunting dogs, anyone who needs to keep tabs on their dogs can use them. When it comes to GPS tracking devices there are a couple of different options. The one that most hunters will use though is the handheld version.

A handheld GPS dog tracker will consist of two parts. The first is the transmitting unit which is worn by your pet as a collar and the second is the receiver which is your handheld device. The transmitting unit will transmit information regarding the location of your dog to the receiver via a built in locator. That way if there is weak radio wave signals or no cell phone service in the area that you are in, you can still track your dog. There are many different types of handheld GPS dog trackers available with many different options on those devices.

Some of the many options available to you on a GPS dog tracker are as follows. Battery life in different devices will vary. Some of the devices have battery life for only up to 20 to 24 hours whereas others can last up to 30 days depending on the amount of usage. The range of each device is also another big factor. Some devices may have a long range, even up to as much as nine miles, but only in a certain terrain. In other words, some devices may have a long range but that long range may only be effective if you are in a non-dense area. Whereas others may have a long range and work even in dense conditions. By dense conditions we mean areas where there is a lot of ground or tree coverage. Typical ranges however are usually between three to seven miles. Another option that devices will come with is the option to track several dogs at one time. Some of the upper scale models of GPS dog trackers can track up to ten to twelve dogs at a time with one handheld device and just the collar for each of the dogs. Some devices are also waterproof which may be important to those who know they may be out with their dogs in the rain or snow. Many times, safety is also a concern, as it should be. When it comes down to it, don’t you really want to track your dog or dogs so that you know you can safely retrieve them. With that in mind, many devices will come with alerts if your dog or dogs are in trouble. You can even set a boundary on many of the tracking devices and then the unit can alert you if your dog or dogs are close or over that set boundary. Usually with that option also comes the option to be able to deliver an impulse correction to the collar of the dog or dogs who are outside of the set limits. Finally, check your pet size and get the right device based on the size of your dog. If you buy a device meant for large dogs and you have a smaller dog then the device may not work properly. Typically the GPS dog tracking devices work best with medium to large sized dogs.

Cell Phone Tracker Is for Your Phone

Cell phone tracker has made it possible for you to trace out the location of your loved ones with ease and comfort. Most of the smart phones, available today, include the GPS technology that makes them detectable. Because of highly insecure surroundings, parents always want to stay updated about their kids’ location. Technology has successfully given birth to slick phone trackers which enable the detection of cell phones by catching signals from transmission towers. This state of the art technology was once employed by police or highly sensitive state owned departments because of its high cost. But, various online companies have made acquiring cell tracker more affordable.

You don’t have to buy any heavy weight, space occupying modems to catch up the signals for making out the location of your targeted phone holder. Just after installing cell phone tracker on desired cell phones, you can enjoy the supremacy to get the location information. These trackers record the information and upload them to your online mobile monitoring account which you can access anytime.

Cell phone tracker also help you give your child more protection as whenever you child dial emergency numbers, police or law enforcement departments always get the exact location of the mobile phone. This reduced the amount wasted in figuring out from where the call was made. In the populous areas these cell phone trackers provide continuous tracking report as whenever there is distortion in signals these trackers immediately develop their connection with a nearby tower.

So even if your children stay out whole night, you can tell exactly where they are. If you have currently moved to a new city or state, having phone tracker on your children cell phone always pay. Since, they are not familiar with the downtown areas properly, their chances to get lost increase. You can immediately discern their location by logging on to your online tracking account.

Cell tracker has proved itself to be the most practical and convenient invention as it serves the mankind in a unique way. You don’t have to upset your schedule to know about your loved ones as everything becomes just a click away. These cell trackers also provide call related details of your kids. Web browsing history and data stored in your kids’ phone can also be accessed to make sure that your kids are not involving themselves in any kind of destructive activity or hurtful relationship.