Managing Equipment Rentals With GPS Auto Tracker Technology

GPS auto tracker technology has given businesses the ability to manage their personal  and physical resources. A local equipment rental company that specializes in building and construction rental decided to use GPS auto tracker technology to help manage their business. It seemed that due to the down turn in the home construction industry they were seeing an increase in equipment losses and fraud. Small backhoes and excavating equipment were especially subject to being rented and not returned. In one case 6 rentals were made to an individual that used someone else’s identity to secure the transaction. The loss of equipment equaled almost $200,000.00. The rental companies insurance covered some of the loss but a large part had to be absorbed by the business. In addition many pieces of equipment were being used inappropriately or abused. This abuse led to the early depreciation and value of the equipment by reducing its expected operational life.

Real Time auto tracking technology can be a great way to keep track of vehicles, equipment and labor resources. New technology now allows small GPS tracking devices to be placed or hidden on just about any valuable resource. These devices provide not only the location of the device but also its route of travel, time that the unit is at rest, its speed, and in many some cases provide valuable information on critical mechanical functions such as engine temperature, hours of operation and even fluid levels. Obviously this information will increase the operational life of the equipment.

GPS tracking devices are designed to use the GPS portion of the unit to record and store Geo physical data and in some case vehicle mechanical information. This information then is uploaded to a GPS service provider via existing cell phone or satellite phone technology. These uploads are timed according to the needs of the business. Data uploading can be programmed by the service provider to range from 1 minute to once a week. In general the more frequently the data is uploaded the more the tracking service company will charge the customer. A business such as an equipment rental business may only need to upload its data once a day thereby saving money.
The local rental business contracted with a nationally known GPS tracking service provider. They also opted to have the service company provide and install the tracking devices in the rental equipment. You can often purchase your own tracking devices but you then will be responsible for the maintenance and replacement of any faulty tracking units. Generally when you contract for the tracking service company’s equipment they will do the maintenance and repair of broken tracking devices as part of the contract.
A business can as the local equipment rental company has done, contract for what is called Geo fencing. Basically this feature is used to assure that equipment and vehicles remain in the area they are assigned to. Recently the rental company was notified that piece of equipment was beyond the area that the company allows its equipment to be used. The rental agreement clearly stated that the trenching machine was only to be used with in a 4 county area. The tracking Service Company notified the rental company that their equipment was out of bounds. The rental company tried to contact the renter but after repeated calls and no response they notified local law enforcement agencies. The renter was stopped on the interstate more than 160 miles away. After a short investigation it was determined that the renter had used false identification to rent the trencher and he also was wanted on a felony warrant. The rental company recovered their equipment undamaged due to the GPS auto tracking technology.

In many cases insurance companies will give businesses that use GPS tracking technology a discount on vehicle and equipment insurance. As you can clearly see the use of this technology may save you money and help you manage your valuable business resources. It does pay to carefully research each GPS service company to assure that they meet your individual company needs. Many times you can save money buy contracting with a company that installs and maintains the tracking devices. This technology will not only save money but give you piece of mind knowing where your valuable equipment is at all times.

The Superior Protection Of A GPS Dog Tracker

Technology now allows us the ability to keep tabs on everyone we can. It has expanded now to pets. One of the fastest growing items is a GPS Dog Tracker. This will help you locate a lost pet, or keep an eye on them while you are out of town.

There are many different types of units available. Some are more affordable than others. From a teeny tiny microchip that is embedded under your pets skin, to larger device that attaches to your dogs collar. These can help prevent your animal from being stolen, or help locate them if they get out.

Micro chipping can be a more expensive option. Many animal shelters, however, require a pet to be chipped before being released for adoption. The micro chip contains the owners information should they get away. The collar device is similar to a GPS unit in your car, just smaller. It gives off a signal that can be monitored on a computer or cell phone. These devices can be vital in locating a lost animal.

If you have more than one dog, the collar is probably the best option for you. They can track many dogs at the same time. Fox hunts use many different dogs to track one animal, but sometimes all those dogs can get lost. They use GPS units to find the ones that did get distracted by another scent, or ones that are just not very good at hunting. It is rare that the dog pulls out of the collar.

If there has been a series of dog thefts, or if your animal likes to get away, you should invest in one of these units. If your animal is unfortunately taken, the proper authorities can find them and the persons that took them with the signal the tracking device gives off. This increases the chance you will get your animal back, and many other people will too. You can also help lower your communities crime rate.

Whatever you may choose, start off with the most basic for your needs. You can always add services when you figure out what else you may need. If you are not familiar with an area they are lost, some of these units contain a navigation and mapping system that will lead you directly to your animal.

Many truck drivers have dogs that they bring with them on the trips. They provide companionship, as well as protection. They are the perfect example of needing a gps unit. It would be extremely upsetting if they were to get lost at a rest stop. While they may be very good at coming when you call them, if it is new surroundings for them, it may confuse them and they may not be able to find their way back to you.

By getting a GPS dog tracker, you can show your children and pets how much they mean to you. Many people consider their pets their children. Just as an adult has to take care of a human child, the same is expected of a pet owner and their fur child. Show yours how much you care.

Your Vehicle’s Whereabouts With Inventive GPS Vehicle Tracker

Necessity is the mother of invention is a well-known saying. Today, we can say “Innovation is the backbone of technology.” Vehicle fleet management software is an excellent example of innovation in GPS technology. Nowadays a GPS vehicle tracker uses this software in order to provide numerous facilities. In this article, we will go through details of this excellent device.

How do you feel when you get a small, plug-and-play device for tracking, protecting and examining your vehicle? With innovative new vehicle fleet management software, it is possible for us. That’s not all! New GPS vehicle tracker is equipped to provide the necessary information for safe driving with reduced fuel costs.

How does it work?

This vehicle tracker works on the GPS technology. As we know, GPS (Global Positioning System) gets signals from geosynchronous satellites, which allow it to cover the entire territory of the earth.


The vehicle tracker is a featured device to provide you with numerous facilities. Some of the unique features include:

  • It can work together with both GSM and GPS signal. It switches to GSM mode if GPS signals are not available. The device is also having a function of two-way calling.
  • It can manage your vehicle through previous data as well. It can store and utilize data.
  • It has a unique OBD (On-Board Diagnosis) facility. This facility has many in-built features like- temperature control, fuel control, speed control, engine light diagnosis, etc. This facility provides you various alarms with real-time monitoring like speeding alarm to ensure safe driving, rapid acceleration and deceleration alarm to maintain your car, etc. Further, in order to save fuel, OBD has a fuel calculator as well!
  • For ensuring total protection, the vehicle tracker is equipped with theft and tamper alarms. Tamper alarm instantaneously sends you an SMS when someone tries to tamper your car or remove this device.
  • The vehicle tracker works on the concept of geo-fencing. It sends you an SMS instantly as you cross the predefined boundary thanks to the concept of geo-fencing.
  • With all these features, the vehicle tracker could have one more wonderful feature- SOS Emergency button. In an emergency, you just push and hold this button for a while, and it attempts to call three registered phone numbers one by one for two-way conversation. In any crisis, this button appears to help you as a savior!

Thus, it seems that this vehicle tracker skillfully takes all responsibilities of our vehicles, making us free from all worries related to vehicles.